Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sleeping babe

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Ulysses likes to nap on the couch. Well, maybe it's better said: when he naps, Ulysses would rather be on the couch. Any sentence inlcuding the phrase "Ulysses likes to nap" is probably overstating the case.
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Sunday, June 18, 2006


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Sunday, June 11, 2006

First roar; first flower

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Ulysses held up a toy T-Rex -- a dark purple, realistically styled, suede-ish critter about 4" high, once merchandise from my street vendor days in Philly -- and said, all throaty and gutteral, "Rar! Rarr!"

Another first today: Ulysses gave his mother a flower. That's me!

We made awesome chicken and dumplings from a Food 911 show we saw Saturday morning. Starts out with roasting the chicken with fresh herbs tucked under the skin and stuffed into the cavity. This morning, I took U out to our herb container garden and gathered some rosemary, marjoram, oregano and sage. Also chives, in full purple bloom.

As I was working at the cutting board, I felt a tap at my side. Which I ignored, at first. It repeated. Finally, I looked down. Ulysses was looking up at me, his hand outstreched. In it, the long, stout, green stem of a chive flower, a purple puff of color at its end. A flower. For me. I took it, thrilled. "Svetich jedan za Mama tvoja!" (A flower for your mother!) I said. He smiled and seemed to expand in his joy. Ulysses sniffed big sniffs: "A flower, smell it!" he seemed to be saying. I held it to my nose and sniffed. He beamed.

Later, Don and U and I went walking through the construction near our house, the environmentally friendly retooling of Starkweather Creek. I picked a couple of wildflowers and gave them to Don. Ulysses plucked them from his hand and gave them to me.

Big mud puddle on the way home. U stomped and splashed in it, gleefully. After our long walk and adventures in the greenery, and a long day including a trip to Savers and a new grab bag including little cars and, an electronic Name That Tune gadget, U was tired and fragile. Don carried him in his arms and said to the form draped over his shoulder, "We're going home, and you can have a nice, warm bath." And so he did, the muddiest tub ever, filled with his favorite pouring toys.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

14th Anniversary

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Today is our 14th wedding anniversary! It's been a long road from that June morning in 1992 that we drove to Las Vegas, six days after we met, and got hitched by the County Commissioner in the municipal building minutes after the office opened.

We stopped for Chinese food in Barstow on the way back to Los Angeles. In honor of that wedding meal, I brought takeout from the China Wok on Fordem Avenue, right along my route home from work at Great Big Pictures Now we buy three egg rolls instead of our old custom of two -- one for each of us, and now there are three of us.
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