Saturday, January 20, 2007

By popular demand

[Note: This post is copied from the original ulysses.blogware dot com blog. It doesn't really apply anymore. Now, go to our Picassa page to see our photos from any time period. – VVK, 12/24/2007]

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[These are no longer live links. See note above. – VVK, 12/24/2007]

Blogware has a nice photo album feature that I'll be making more use of. My plan is to create month-by-month albums for months to come.

Blogware also lets you "post to the past." I'll take advantage of that to fill in past months, as well. The post-to-the-past feature was one of the main reasons I signed up with this service, back when I was blog-shopping in 2004. So when you tune in someday and see lots of photos or stories that you don't know how you missed before -- it's because they weren't there before. It's also very handy for the online scrapbook of my published articles. You can see articles with a posting date of 1999, when I first started freelance writing, even though I sure never heard the word blog that long ago.

Eventually, someday, one of these days, gradually, I'll match the pictures with all the clever, heartwarming stories that I've always wanted to post them with. But my new strategy is to aim for getting more of the pix up first, then filling in the stories, rather than the other way around.

No matter what profound insights I post, how much I work on look and feel, no matter how many published articles I archive on the "Vesna's Published Work" portion of the blog, friends have just one comment when I finally persuade them to check out the blog: "Where's recent pictures of Ulysses? I couldn't find them!" As if I would hide them in a secret directory. So, OK. I'm trying to figure out how to efficiently post a lot of pictures at once -- that's currently the time-consuming part. Because there are a lot of pictures on my computer that are not on the blog, and should be. Stay tuned.

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