Monday, July 23, 2007

File under "How does he KNOW that?"

Watching Blue's Clues this morning with U before work, while Donald made us all a delicious and sustaining breakfast, as usual.

In this ep, the Blue's house is becoming a restaurant for a day: Cafe Blue. (I would have liked "Chez Blue" -- tres groovy!) Blue and Joe (the show's human host) go into the kitchen, where two of the regular animated characters are cooking up a storm. (Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, for those in the know.) They're wearing puffy white hats, so we know they're being chefs in this episode.

Or at least, so that those of us who know what puffy white hats signify know it.

Ulysses pointed at the screen and called out, "Chefs!"

He turned to me with an excited smile, egging me on to get excited, too. "Chefs! Chefs!"

Of course, I did the Mama thing. "That's right! They're chefs! Oh, boy, wow!" Meantime thinking, "How does he even know that?"

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