Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Dora Ball?

Ulysses and I were bouncing a play ball to one another across the kitchen floor. I was overcome by the sweet, childish perfection of his features, the curl of his hair, the simple wholeheartedness of his play.

"He's so adorable," I gushed to Don, nearby.

"Yes," Don agreed.

The ball we were using had been a birthday present he'd picked out when Don's sister and mother had sent us money for his third birthday just over a year ago. This ball, with its motif of Spongebob and friends chasing cartoon jellyfish with their cartoon jellyfishing nets, has been beloved ever since.

Ulysses caught the ball. But instead of throwing it back again, this time he said, "No!"

He held the ball and inspected it, his brows knit. He looked over at me with a frown. He shook his head.

I wondered what was up.

"Not a Dora ball," he pronounced, firmly. "A Spongebob ball."

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