Saturday, August 25, 2007

Walkin' for a Northside pool

This morning I got up around six and had the place to myself for a couple of hours while the guys slept in. I got everything ready to yoink U out of the house before he had a chance to settle into any other agenda, then plunked him in the car and headed to Warner Park for the fundraiser for the Northside Pool. Thank goodness, the rainy weather finally broke and it was sunny and breezy for the 1+ mile walk. We saw some folks we knew -- from James Reeb Universalist Unitarian, from Northside neighborhood organizations and elected office.

About a quarter of a mile into the walk, Ulysses had enough walking. Did I mention that Ulysses has refused to be placed in a stroller since he learned to walk? We don't even own a stroller anymore. I saw the choice of carrying a child 1/4 mile back to the starting point, and carrying a child 3/4 mile forward to the finish point. Which are, of course, the same point. I picked him up and started back.

Wah!! No, no, Mama! Ulysses had caught sight of the train crossing a few hundred feet from where we were. I carried him to it. Railway! Track! Lights and an "X" sign and a red-and-white striped traffic bar, just like the little one he has at home! U wanted to set off walking along the track, but that I put the kaibosh to. The only other direction U would go peaceably was forward.

I realized that my options were really this: dragging a screaming child 1/4 mile, or carrying a happy child 3/4 mile. I decided the latter would take less energy. And be a better setup for the day ahead. I made up my mind to appreciate the workout. It was fun!

Along the way, we saw some of the same berries we'd seen in July on our hike through Cherokee Park, where I'd explained, through earnest pantomime, the concept of poison. Ulysses caught sight of the berries. He clutched at his throat and made choking noises, then wrapped his arms around his belly: "Aaagh!"

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