Monday, November 19, 2007

Driving games

Simpsons Road Rage. Project Gotham Racing. Choro-Q. ATV Off-Track. Ulysses loves driving games. Not teaching games for kids. Real games.

Tonight when I came home from work, he kept asking for the green car. Usually, "Green car, green car!" means he wants to go for a ride. Usually it's accompanied by, "Ride! Outside! Socks! Shoes! Hat! Shirt! Pants! Come on, Mama!" (Usually he's dressed in a diaper, and that's it.) And him running around assembling what he needs to get going.

But tonight, he dragged me into the bedroom, where the Xbox is, and picked up the controller pad. "Green car! Green car!" I rifled through discs until he showed me the right one: Project Gotham Racing. We booted it up, and he picked out a green car -- a Cooper Mini -- to drive.

Soon he was speeding through the streets of virtual London in his green Cooper Mini.

(Every once in a while, he'd get lost in the menus between games. He'd dash out to the kitchen and fetch me back, saying, "Run, Mama! Run!")

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