Friday, November 16, 2007

Too cute: Noodle word

Ulysses wanted me to make him macaroni and cheese tonight. I gave him the choice of any of the shapes that we had on hand. We like to make stovetop mac 'n' cheese from scratch, which is almost as easy and exactly as fast as the boxed, surprisingly enough -- just a simple white sauce of flour and butter whisked together over a medium flame while the water comes to a boil, and a bunch of parmesan or other cheese stirred in and left to melt, flame off, while the pasta cooks.

He picked Annie's natural in the purple box, which we also like to have on hand. We stir in cottage cheese for extra nutrition, and we use whole milk or cream and butter for the same reason, and to tip the starch balance down a little. After all, the more fat in the dish, the less pasta the appetite will require.

Oh yes, the word. All the while, U was calling them "doodles."

I'm helping him

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