Sunday, October 14, 2007

Visit to Sharon's, Day 4: Sunday

Today we went pumpkin picking at a place called The Peach Farm. Ulysses had a blast. They had a straw bale maze. It was a lot more fun than a corn maze. It had a roof, and it was dark! The ceiling was less than 5' tall, so grown-ups had to lean over and really work to get through it. Very exciting. I was scared whenever I couldn't see the LEDs U's twinkling Thomas the Tank Engine shoes.

Before that, we had lunch at a diner that had all sorts of memorabilia, 50's-ish. It was visually a whole lot of fun. The food seemed like an afterthought, unfortunately. We had a good time there.

When we got to the parking lot there, Ulysses wanted to know what was going on. Sharon told him, "We're going to have lunch." "Lunch," he repeated, thoughtfully. It was the first I'd heard him use that word.

In the evening, Ulysses wanted to go back to the diner! He got his hat and went to the door, pulled at the knob, and said, "Lunch! Lunch!" He was sad and disappointed that we couldn't all just head out the door in the middle of the night and have it be lunch again.

Donald stayed home that day and watched movies and ordered pizza. He had little interest in visiting a pumpkin patch. He had great interest in having a day to himself for once.

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