Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good Calories, Bad Calories

I'm so excited! My preordered copy of this book by Gary Taubes arrived in our mailbox Friday. I've read a few pages so far, and I'm not disappointed! The key fact about the title and picture: the "bad calories" are in the toast, not the butter. Hooray! A mainstream book that exposes the "great low-fat diet hoax," as Barbara Ehrenreich has said.

In that brief bit, I (1) saw much that I know, but put together all in one place for the first time, (2) saw something presented in a way I'd never thought of before, but that is now so obvious and perspective changing, and (3) learned a fact I'd never known. I can't wait for more!

Now to curl up on the couch with a nice bowl of Palak Paneer (it came with a free CD!) and read a little bit more.

Good Calories, Bad Calories at was ranked at #125 when I checked in early last week. On Saturday, it was ranked #44. Today, it's #43. Still only 5 reviews, though.

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