Sunday, September 2, 2007

Zoo Trip

Sunday before Labor Day. U and Don and I went to the zoo. Click for pictures. I took along our new cheap ($30 in a blister pack at Shopko) digital camera. The idea is to be able to snap some photos without the committment of carrying around the heavier good camera (a Fuji FinePix).

2007_0902 Zoo Trip

Ulysses rode the new carousel, his first time on one. He loved it. I stood by him, one hand on the aluminum rod and one protectively behind him, resting on the back of the warthog. Big tusks.

As we stood in line minutes before, I had given Ulysses a dollar to give to the attendant. He gave it back to me. I pressed it into his hand as she approached, and she took it before he had a chance to return it to me again. He hadn't seen that use for money before: a service. A privilege. The right to do something. He knew of money as the thing you give the cashier when you want to make an object yours to take home from the store.

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