Friday, September 14, 2007

Upside Down!

This morning U and I watched an educational DVD called "Noodlebug." The title song: "Noodlebug, noodlebug, helps you give your brain a hug..." Which sounds to me like the way a headache feels, actually.

The last time we watched this was at least six months ago, maybe even last fall. It didn't engage U and he didn't go in for endless repeat viewings of it. This time, though, was different. He sang along (with his trademark accurate pitch and timing) and danced along to just about everything. When a group of kids slid down a slide, one by one, in fast motion, he cheered. When the video reversed so that the children seemed to be sliding up backwards, he laughed and shouted. That gag got funnier with each viewing.

In the first number, a row of live-action children intermixed with cartoon children, set against a cartoon background, sing that modern classic, "The Wheels of the Bus." U sang along, but his lyrics were "Upside down! Upside down!" It went for the verse about the wheels, and also for the people bouncing. By the second or third viewing, he'd noticed and adapted to the real lyrics, but I thought his version was far more entertainng.

Also adorable: when we were sifting through the DVDs to pick something, I read off "Pee-Wee," when I got to Pee-Wee's Playhouse. "Pee-pee?" he asked.

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