Saturday, September 1, 2007

New camera

I bought a new little camera today. Inspired in part by David Pogue's mention in his latest Circuits column in the New York Times of how nice it is that even cheap digital cameras take decent pictures nowadays. So I bought the cheapest camera I could find with the least amount of trouble.

The point is to have something that'll go in a pocket and can be forgotten about until I have the notion to use it. Something I won't regret lugging along. has lots of cameras that are around $30. Shopko had a few that were only $15. So I drove over to check those out. They were too extreme -- the one by Philips had a max resolution of something like 288 x 350 pixels! And no flash. I found a $30 deal by Cobra. Don took a few pix tonight. Tomorrow we'll take it for a test drive in the daylight.

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