Saturday, September 1, 2007

Not the zoo

We tried to go to the zoo, but there was a huge football game at Camp Randall, the UW stadium, about a half mile or so from the zoo, scheduled to start at 3 pm. Little would we have known. Football could disappear from planet Earth tomorrow and it would be months before we would notice it was missing. Actually, I don't know how we would notice it was missing. Once you adjust for our hearing people complain about it.

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2007_0901 Not the Zoo, Grasshopper

By the time we arrived at the zoo -- around noon -- Badger fans had helped themselves to the zoo's scanty parking spaces and were comfortably tailgating.  Was anyone handing out tickets? Was 
anyone protecting the parking spots on behalf of the zoo? Of course not. It's for
Badger football, so it's OK.

There was no parking on the nearby streets, of course. Just people standing with signs promising $20 spots on their driveways or whatever. So we went to a playground in another part of town instead. Traffic on the way home an hour or so later was terrific! The roads were choked with busses and cars feeding in from the highways, on their way to the big game.

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